Signs of Cheating: 3 Easy Ways to Put Your Doubts to Rest

Are they cheating or not? 3 easy ways to put your doubts to rest

Learn how to know if your partner is cheating and signs of having an affair. Find out how to work on your trust issues after being cheated on.

Signs of Cheating: 3 Easy Ways to Put Your Doubts to Rest

Signs of cheating: Is their sex drive low?

There are many signs that can be attributed to a cheating partner, however, some are more obvious than others. One of the easiest ways to know if your lover is cheating is to pay attention to their sex drive. If their sex drive is unusually low, and they stop engaging in sexual activity altogether, they might be cheating on you. Having a low sex drive can be an obvious sign of cheating, but it can also be something caused by depression and age, so don't base your entire argument on your sex life alone.

How to know if they are cheating: Are they acting sneaky?

Most people do not cheat on their lovers at the beginning stages of a relationship. This is because everything is still new and exciting, but after a couple of years of dating the same person, some people grow bored and decide to cheat. After being with someone for a couple years, it's safe to say that you know them quite well, so if all of a sudden they start acting sneaky and suspicious, you shouldn't be shy to ask them if they're cheating on you. If they are, and they want to come clean about it, you might be able to save your relationship. But if they deny your accusations and continue to cheat on you, you probably won't be able to forgive them. To learn how to save your relationship after an affair read our guide on the subject.

Signs that they are having an affair: Are they coming home late?

Ever wonder why your lover keeps coming home so late every night? Well, it might be because they're having an affair. Most jobs don't require their employees to work 12 hours a day, so if your lover is using his job as an excuse, it might be time to surprise them at work and see what they're actually doing. If you seriously doubt that your lover is working and are positive that they are showing signs of having an affair, pack them a lunch and drop it off at their workplace in Atlanta, if they aren't there, they're going to have some serious explaining to do.

Signs they aren't cheating: Are their timelines legit?

Sometimes, we are so paranoid about getting cheated on that we forget that not everyone is a cheater. In some cases, people might appear to be cheating but aren't really doing anything of the sort. If your partner calls you regularly, tells you where they are, gives you accurate timelines and doesn't disappear all night, chances are they aren't cheating on you. Want to know learn how to stop doubting your partners because you were once cheated on? Read our guide on dating tips after being cheated on.

No they aren't cheating: How to work on your trust issues

After dating someone for a couple of months, I became convinced that they were cheating on me, but I turned out to be completely wrong. When the relationship ended, I knew that I had to work on my trust issues if I ever wanted to be in a healthy relationship again.