Is Your Partner Cheating or Are You Just Paranoid? Find Out Now

Is your partner really cheating on you, or are you just paranoid?

Discover if your partner is cheating on you or if your insecurities are causing paranoia. Learn the signs of cheating and how to trust your gut.

Is Your Partner Cheating or Are You Just Paranoid? Find Out Now

Am I just paranoid and insecure?

Since I have been cheated on in the past, feeling insecure and paranoid in my new relationships has often caused them to die-out, which made it very hard for me to meet new people. In the end, I had to ask myself if I was just being paranoid because of my past experiences or if I was acting this way because my partner was actually being unfaithful. What I had to come to terms with is that anyone can cheat on you, but not everyone will. For those of you who also ask yourselves, “Am I paranoid?,” on a daily basis, know that you can't let one person's cheating ruin your chances to meeting new people, and that feeling paranoid will go away with the right person and be amplified by the wrong one. In other words, just trust your gut.

Are they actually cheating on me?

Some people are so good at cheating on their partners that it is almost impossible for them to get caught, however, thanks to human error no one can be perfect for long. If you want to find out about common human errors that can get you caught cheating, read our guide on the subject. When in a relationship, it is important to establish trust, but sometimes not everyone is as honest as they appear. If you're wondering if they are cheating on you, the best thing to do is ask yourself why you think so. If your partner is acting secretive, guilty, and distant, chances are they are cheating on you.

Is he cheating? Find out for sure

Do you think your boyfriend is cheating on you? If yes then stop thinking and start knowing for sure. Instead of listening to your boyfriends crappy excuses and explanations, start asking him real questions and demanding real answers. If he cannot give you straight answers then he is cheating on you for sure. When someone isn't cheating, they will have no problem with you looking through their phone, but if they immediately become defensive, rude, and angry, they are clearly hiding something.

Cheating paranoia: Is it all in your head?

Some cheaters are so good at manipulating their partners that they often end up making them feel like they have cheating paranoia. If your lover is clearly showing signs that he is cheating, he most probably is. Especially if he spends days away from you without answering his phone, or telling you where he's going in Busselton. Cheating paranoia can occur if you have been cheated on in the past, but it usually doesn't affect people who are in happy relationships.

Is she cheating? How to figure it out

When I found out that my girlfriend was using online dating websites to chat with locals in Busselton, I knew I had to find out if she was actually meeting up with them. To do this, I made a fake online dating profile, chatted with her, and set up a date. When she agreed to the date I stopped asking myself, “Is she cheating?” and instantly broke up with her. If something similar has happened to you but you're still in love, you can read our guide on how to forgive a cheater.