Social Media Cheating: Is it Really Private Enough? | SEO Expert

Social media — is it really private enough to let you cheat?

Discover the truth about social media cheating and privacy. Learn how to avoid getting caught and find success in online hookup platforms. Read more!

Social Media Cheating: Is it Really Private Enough? | SEO Expert

Social Media Cheating

Social media cheating is growing in popularity in Plymouth, and it's easy to see why. Social media is taking over the world at large, and it's changing our behavioral patterns in fundamental ways. For instance, it's affecting the way that cheaters carry out their dirty deeds. By cheaters, we mean good folks like you and I, of course. Have you ever used social media to cheat? I have, and I know a bit about the subject.

Social Media Privacy

The matter of social media privacy is definitely a grey one. First of all, sure, everyone who uses a social media platform is technically guaranteed a certain level of privacy, but that level only extends so far. For instance, you are not protected from the webmasters who can browse through your social media messages if they find a reason to. Is your partner a social media webmaster? If they are, you should definitely not be using their platform to cheat. Even if they're a regular social media user, there's always the risk that they can bypass your social media privacy by figuring out your password and entering your account legitimately. Of course, passwords are protective in nature, but they can also be easy to access. If you use a universal password to all your accounts, and your partner is aware of the password of one of your accounts, they might by chance use it to try entering your social media profile. If they do, you can kiss all that privacy goodbye, because they will have instant access to all of your private messages.

Getting Laid Through Social Media

Aside from the whole privacy thing, in my experience, it can be totally possible to get laid through social media. Of course, depending on your social network, there might be a vast array of hot potential lovers in your friend list, and one of them might definitely be in the idea of engaging in some good old fashioned hanky panky with you. In this case, as in all dating scenarios, you can only find out if you really give it a college try.

Getting Caught on Social Media

While it can be easy to get laid through social media, getting caught cheating on social media really sucks. Of course, getting caught cheating in any scenario is pretty bad, but there is a particularly sting that comes from being found out while using social media, since your partner has the option to actually contact your lover and spread the issue even further than it has to go.

Stick to Online Hookup Platforms

At the end of the day, I am of the opinion that online hookup platforms are really the best place for cheaters to go in order to get laid. While I've definitely fixed up my fair share of one night stands through social media platforms, I've enjoyed much better degrees of success through using websites that are specifically made to hook people up in order to have sex. If you're looking to initiate a fling online, I'd say that it's best to keep your social media clean, and stick to the online hookup platforms. These places are tried and true, and they instantly connect you to people that are living nearby and looking to get laid. Who knows, you might even find your next lover tonight.