Avoid Affair Dating Scams: Find Legitimate Sites for Married Affairs

Extra-Marital Affair Dating Online

Discover how to avoid affair dating scams and find legitimate sites for married affairs. Be smart, do your research, and protect your personal information. Visit Affair-Scams.com for a comprehensive list of scams and legitimate affair dating websites.

Avoid Affair Dating Scams: Find Legitimate Sites for Married Affairs

Affair Dating Online

Hello, Interwebs peoples! My name is Tierra and today we're going to talk a little bit about extra-marital affair dating online. There's a lot of guys out there doing a lot of searches on the internet and someone, somewhere out there is collecting that information and trying to target them for scams. Guys are searching for real life desperate housewives, and real cheating housewives, all the time thinking they can score with these mythical ladies who are advertising the fact that they want to have sex on some website somewhere. Legitimate ones like Ashley Madison began a craze where married men and women who were in bad or dying marriages could find one another and either have an affair, or eventually move on with a new lover in their bed.

Affair Dating Scams

However, the majority of these sites which advertise for affair dating are complete scams, and one of the most obvious ways that you can tell is whether or not they are targeted specifically to one gender. Take Cheating Wives Date Link for instance. Total scam! Users who have used this site have reported getting several spam messages and the users don't appear to be real at all. The site itself does not lend itself to credibility. For instance, I as a woman would never sign up for a site called Cheating Wives Date Link because the whole thing sounds like a meat market for married women. It's clearly aimed at selling women to men, which makes sense because the only legitimate service it appears to provide is cam girls. Recently, people who are trying to have an extra-marital affair online are being targeted by scammers for the purpose of stealing their information. You'll read in the terms of service and end user license agreements that any data you upload to certain affair dating sites can be used by the sites for any purpose. That includes your photos, your email address, your date of birth, your name, any personal information uploaded to the site immediately becomes their property to use as they wish. You have to be very careful about which sites you use for that and a myriad of other reasons. And you have to be smart about who you give your credit card and email address to! You don't have any idea what kind of malware or viruses might be hidden in an email nowadays. Hackers have become very clever about injecting code into links. If you get an email from a site that you signed up for, you don't really think twice about clicking on it. Especially if you think that email comes from a beautiful woman who wants to chat with you. But trust me, no reasonable woman is going to sign up for a site called “Cheating Wives Date Link” because that's a divorce lawsuit waiting to happen! What a site like this would offer you at best is access to cam girls and live sex shows, not actual cheating house wives! But you have to ask yourself the question, if the site was offering legitimate live sex shows and cam girls, why would it need to do so deceptively? Lots of guys, married or otherwise love jerking off to live cam girls. It's become one of America's great pasttimes. You get to interact and talk to a hot girl. You can tell her what to do and she'll do it. It's hot. It's sexy, but it doesn't need any underhanded bait and switch advertising to make money. So why would a site like this use your desire for online affair dating to trick you into paying for cam girls? It's because they want you to sign up for their site and give them your data. Here's the saddest part: there are legitimate internet sites out there for having affairs with married women. Married people feel safer having an affair on a website geared toward other married people because they're both in the same boat, and there's less risk of exposure because you're both in it together. However, because they have so much to hide, they become the target of blackmailers and other con artists who are trying to use their vulnerable position to leverage them out of their money! What's worse is that you have very little recourse once that happens. It's not like you can sue the site for scamming you because then your wife is going to be all like “Why are you suing the affair dating website, honey?” and poof, there goes your marriage. The best advice I can give you is to do your research and be smart about it. Affair-Scams.com has a comprehensive list of all the scams in the dating world and which ones are the legitimate affair dating websites. Good luck!